the florida life.

when it comes to batman movies, west is best. but when it comes to geography, my heart will always find quiet contentment in the east. and by that, i mean all three iterations of the east that i have experienced: the south, the mid atlantic, and my home state of florida. a few quick observations from the first month of my return home:

  • sunrises are stunning. they are even better when sitting on a kayak with shrimp baited to your fishing pole.
  • the pedestrian life does not exist. i miss it. and public transportation.
  • college football. enough said.
  • there’s a fine line between politeness and chauvinism. i have yet to re-learn the boundaries, and i am subsequently on edge whenever an older man winks at me. the winking happens a lot here.
  • some things don’t change. getting onto 408 from i4 is still a pain. but it is still i4 and not the 4.

i am home, but this is all new. my feet are firmly planted in mid air.


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