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reggae and insomnia, part 2.

i wanna know, have you ever seen the rain? have you ever heard it with a steel drum cadence? you are welcome.

the status on the clothes has not changed, and here i am ready to write another post. call it making up for lost time. i thought i would take a quick moment to synthesize my week. it has been written, experiences, prayed for, and otherwise expressed in too many mediums, so this will hopefully be concise.

  • insomnia + anxiety + two weeks = public meltdown during a work event. i don’t recommend it…mostly because your supervisor will not believe any subsequent rational thought from you. For example, supervisor: “how are you?” me: “i’m ok, thanks for asking.” supervisor: “are you sure? there are varying reports that say otherwise.” i can’t make this up.
  • apparently anxiety isn’t some crazy thing that crops up in my life alone. don’t get me wrong – the aforementioned collapsing may be, but i am not alone (oh, and btw: neither are you).
  • you like me, you really like me. for the sake of throwing out a seminary term that i haven’t heard in a while, let me put it this way: the juxtaposition of the depths of my internal isolation with the depths of the support have been a bit of a juggling act, but the latter has outplayed the former by leaps and bounds.
  • i’m going home! the land of cars, suburbia, 4Rivers bbq, formative years memories, grad school reunions, and jamaican food is calling my name for a few days. i’m a little worried that my vaca is already planned for me, when all i really want to do is crash in the house…and eat good food.

“one love” came just came up on the player. truly, life is better with reggae. yes, i am reposting previous thoughts on the idea. it still stands, even during the ungodly hours of the night. give thanks and praise to the Lord and i will feel alright.

take that, insomnia.


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