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reggae and insomnia, part 1.

oh hey personal blog, i’ve missed you.

another midnight screening in the books. flight to orlando in a couple hours…and i’m 80% determined to pull the all-nighter. if i succeed it’ll be 2 for 5 in my lifetime. in the meantime, the reggae is playing, and i am staring at a pile of clothes over the computer screen. this all-nighter may happen after all.

ok, the dark knight rises. arguably the most anticipated movie of 2012 (you know, by those people who argue that stuff). i’m not too far removed from the experience, and i’ll see it again soon in imax, so i will reserve coherent thoughts for when they actually come. for now, here are a few things that i thought of on the bus ride home:

  • is joseph gordon levitt my generation’s robert redford? my recent viewing of butch cassidy and the sundance kid may have something to do with this thought.
  • this is a grittier film than the previous two. i can count on hans zimmer, but the sound editing for the fist-to-face-to-kick-to-body-breaking was more than i anticipated. it takes the movie out of the shadow of the dark knight but i’m still on the fence about whether or not i liked it more.
  • i didn’t hate anne hathaway. well, i didn’t entirely hate her. one scene toward the end reminded me why, though. more to come on that later.
  • not sure how i feel about the characterization of alfred in this movie. nothing, however, diminishes in my love for michael caine (ok, mostly impersonations of him, but i digress).
  • straight up brawl. none of these long-range, impersonal fights. mass chaos. again, a departure from the previous nolan renderings.

but at the end of the night (beginning of my day?), the most important thing to remember: “sometimes you just can’t get rid of a bomb.” those who have ears…

seriously, y’all, west is best.


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