reading, then thinking, part 1.

there are two sides to having a librarian for a mother: on the one hand, it is pretty awesome (it’s also awesome, because my mother is an incredible person, but i’ll save that for another time)–i have the referencing universe at my fingertips. on the other hand, i have no concept of library fines. 

for the record, library fines are a real thing, not an abstract concept that previously imagined. also, they are more expensive with audio books. consider this your public notice. the more you know.

my disappointing realities settled, i have picked up another book with my month-old library card: chuck klosterman’s eating the dinosaur. i came across this portion of his interview with errol morris ten pages in and thought to write the transcript (below). the following blog will be devoted to why i found this worth sharing.

ck: what’s more interesting to you: someone who lies consciously, someone who lies unconsciously, or someone who tells a relatively mundane version of the truth?

em: conscious mendacity! actually, that’s a very difficult question. the whole idea of lying as it applies to personhood is an important problem. i’ll give you an example: i read a piece about modern forms of lie detections–method s that go beyond the polygraph. the writer’s idea was that we can actually record activity inside the brain that proves who is or who isn’t lying. it suggest that the brain is some kind of ‘reality recorder’ and that we know when we are lying. but i think those kinds of lies represent a very small piece of the pie. i think the larger sect of liars are people who think they are telling the truth, but who really have no idea what the truth is. so the deeper question is, what’s more important: narrative consistency or truth? i think we’re always trying to create a consistent narrative for ourselves. i think truth always takes a backseat to narrative. truth has to sit at the back of the bus.

chuck klosterman, eating the dinosaur (new york: scribner, 2009), 12-13.


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