a forgotten post!

book review time!

this is my second post-grad school book review (i think). these used to be a pain in the ass, now I get it. well, at least i’ll try.

my mom handed me a copy of the girl with the dragon tattoo before i moved to DC. she thought it would be a great read for the plane. (problem is: i have yet to get through fifteen minutes of reading on a plane before falling asleep, but i digress.) i remembered that a new film adaptation of the novel would be released this fall. truthfully, i watched the muppets spoof teaser trailer, and then i caught sight of daniel craig in the official teaser trailer. it was an easy choice. one month later of my time in DC and i have finally come around to finishing the work.


what i knew about the work before cracking the first page: swedes. unlikely girl. mystery.

topics that were covered by the time i completed the book:

  • how the swedes (and scandinavia in general) perpetuate my idealistic projections of getting everything right
  • sexual violence
  • faith and tolerance
  • the foster care system
  • psychology
  • physical violence and retributive behaviour
  • corporate corruption
  • (“swedes. unlikely girl. mystery.” still intact)

here’s the story. recently disgraced Mikael Blomkvist journalist is called upon to write a family history and solve the murder case of Harriet Vanger, one of the youngest members of the family. in order to accomplish this new story, he enlists the services of social misfit hacker Lisbeth Salander. The investigation of the past takes this unlikely pair through a maze of corruption, violence and greed. the rest i will leave to your reading adventure.

the aforementioned list of storylines seems a bit overreaching for one novel to cover, and yet i was engrossed in all of these interweaving stories from beginning to end. the pace begins in mid stride and does not lose steam throughout. each story line intricately connects with one another, and the reader is taken through the surprising twists to the last page.

i am not one of those people who preach about reading a book before the movie, but i highly recommend the girl with the dragon tattoo. don’t get me wrong: i am looking forward to this most recent film adaptation –daniel craig’s appearance included; nonetheless, pick up your kindle and get lost in stieg larsson’s novel. high energy, great storyline, exciting work.


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