dear three-letter acronyms,

you clever girl. how silly of me to think that you were just the lazy way of stating something that would otherwise take four more seconds to say. the truth of the matter, tla, is that you are the gateway to secret worlds. when people are familiar with the proper tla, then they have arrived. they are invited into the special club made privy to the select few. even if you were to move away from the club, state the magic letters, and you are right back in:

so what’s the difference between the new mat program and the [ma]ics degree?

i am off to take notes at today’s clt meeting. see you when i resurface for air.

tfa? (no, the other one.) yeah, those were the days.

bears den for lunch? naa, it’s banana pudding day in the ffc.

at best, there are less than five people who understand two of these phrases, and only i hang on to all four. but that’s just it, tla: everyone has membership into an infinite number of these clubs. so welcoming, and yet so exclusive. what an enigma you are.




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