homeward bound

i laughed. i cried. it moved me.

there are nine of us. what if we took a roadtrip (well, sort of) to each person’s home? not a Cycle 28 original idea, but the concept still creeps in from time to time. projections and romantic ideals unite!

the Bay area

…has to be a cool place. in terms of both weather and overall vibe. chill and affirming. just enough ‘portlandia’-esque identities for my personal comfort.


oh my word, next home? more on the City in a coming post. i am truly in love, and calling bullshit on the concrete jungle argument. i am officially a city girl.


i still claim it as a former home. my heart rate slowed down, and that inadvertent smile crept up just typing those letters. looking through the (not indigenous) palm trees to the mountains. the buildings, the sprawling metropolis. pasadena’s big town benefits and small town feel. mmm, yes.

Saginaw, Michigan

good beer. ‘merica. I have no idea. is Michigan in the MidWest? what is the midwest? still: good beer.


ooh, I have no conceptions other than beautiful people and a bountiful rainy season.


we think we know history. their monarchs live forever. diversity…that old wooden ship. and harry potter, right? but seriously–this may be the stop after new york. no promises yet.


i want to be here in the fall to pick apples. i worry about the cold, but i think of albany as a mythical land in the winter…kind of like narnia. i have no conceptions of albany in summer or spring.


i said i love the city, right? then i need to spend time in chicago. urban anthropology win. but seriously…the cold.

a month in…here’s looking at you, Cycle 28.


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