common sense, recurring thoughts

common sense:

nine people under one roof is a lot of people. (phew, i feel a little better now.)

recurring thoughts:

currently i am not sure what to write, but i feel compelled to keep up with this blogging thing. i have dusted off the moleskin, and it is certainly getting its use, but to think beyond 150 words — or a hefty expense form as was the case today — is a bit of a reach. and so begins the dump of my disconnected thoughts…

the district church

cool place. good people. engaged community. why not? lingering items from the past few weeks:

  • the perpetuation of injustice is an outward manifestation of the notion that we have forgotten who we belong to.
  • are we filled with the Spirit?
  • what is that gospel for which i am not ashamed?

post-grad integration

when you catch me talking to myself, i may be saying one of the following…

  • silence is not necessarily awkward
  • surely being a pop culture junkie has some merit. right? right?!
  • “we do not have the luxury of falling into despair” -vincent harding. what luxuries have i taken for granted?
  • what does God want our society to look like? who cares?! what should the people of God look like (…and where does our work at sojo fit in)?

to write or not to write

surely none of these ideas are original, but the call for article idea submissions was a bit of a spark.

  • pursuing the kingdom of God versus pursuing democracy
  • in a world saturated with non-profits, do people of faith have a common message? is there a need for a common message?
  • are there any exploitative relationships/hidden injustices in the world of college football? to what degree to i praise these injustices?
  • sexual ethics in the church. beating a dead horse, i know.

so far

…so good! i am happy to be in dc, and i think i was fit for the current position. the housemates are beautiful people. i do not know enough about the city yet, but i have barely been here a month, and i am sure that these things will come in time. i am learning how to be present and flexible (a kitchen cleaning compulsion, for example, is useless)…but i miss sharing life with a few people back west, too.

in the words of vincent harding, “what is the gift?”


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