sharing the love

it is back to the shared blogging! i have opened a new wordpress page to keep in touch with the lovely ladies of the west coast. so far i have been the only contributor (get on those invites, gals!) and have only succeeded in documenting my mundane sedentary life. i recently posted a bit on the dentist, and then i came across the following commercial on television. it would seem that these two posts should be reversed…as in, this post should go on the other page while vents about flossing would be better suited here. oh well, i can still share the wealth.

first things first: when it comes to candy bars, snickers is the only way to go. i don’t even trust that weird filling in three musketeers bars. but the tables have turned, ladies! take control of our storied objectification! wait, did we* just do the same thing we have decried for decades? so, the joke is on…us?

surely there is another way.

gosh, i hope there is another way.



*pretty sweeping (read = inclusive) “we” there


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