humblebrags and epiphanies

i have been in orlando for two saturdays now. both saturdays have included trips to the winter park famers market. as long as i am in orlando on a saturday, you will be sure to find me there. the kind people at the lemonade stand will make the best arnold palmer you will ever taste, plants and herbs cost little to nothing, and the fresh produce is a delight.

this morning i decided to purchase a few tomatoes — after all, they are in season and in abundance. ten pounds of tomatoes later, i made my way back to the rolling hills to try out homemade marinara sauce. the cinematic entertainment for today’s cooking venture came by way of two favorites: sean connery and harrison ford.

remember how father and son had sex with the same woman? ewww.

specifically, i decided to watch indiana jones and the last crusade. like clockwork, my mom asked how often i had seen this film (i lost count years ago), and i quietly disregarded her remark and instead chuckled when marcus told indy not to trust anyone. duh, harrison: he’s the bad guy.

and then a new thought occurred to me. while it has been some time (ok, less than a year) since i have watched the last crusade, the movie still seemed vaguely familiar. as in, perhaps i saw something like it only month ago.

for only having to say three words, craig nailed the midwestern drawl.

turns out, i had. yeah, indiana jones and james bond, a badass duo. i guess years ago it would have been ‘han solo and james bond’ winning the BAMF award of the blockbuster flicks, but indiana and 007 have been paired before! so the real question is: are nazis aliens in disguise, or is it the other way around?

mind. blown.


truly, there is no better time of year than summer.



bonus: did you really think that Jesus would bedazzle a shabbat cup? maybe an alien would think so...

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