blah · musings

feeling inspired

…by the weather. and my second decaf americano. what is it about rainy days and coffee shops that make the overcast weather perfectly suitable?

usually this is the time when the seasonal affective disorder kicks in, but currently the SAD feeling (get it?) is at bay on account of the longing for the west coast.

recently my sister and i have renewed our ‘pet peeves’ list. today i have been reminded of my hatred for the misuse of windshield wipers. sounds weird, right? but no…as a central floridian who experiences rain on a daily basis over the summer, i think people ought to know proper windshield wiper techniques. you may not ever be caught in hurricane-speed winds (and that is an experience to take to the bank)…BUT:

  • please do not leave the wipers on to the point that the rubber is screaming against the glass. no one wins in this situation.
  • please do not place the windshield wipers on high when low (at worst, medium) will do. consider the moment when you will be caught in a torrential downpour. what will you do then? you have exhausted your last defense all too soon.
  • seriously, the lowest possible setting. increase as needed. thank you.
nonsensical posts. i bless the rains here in florida.

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