favorite summertime sound

wordpress is a clever girl.

recently i posted daily guiding principles, and upon completing that post, wordpress not only congratulated me on 75 postings, but it also provided suggestions for future posts. basically, just as i was shaking on the agreement of the last post, wordpress decided to add that i must now be its slave all day starting now.

ahhh, you got me!

in any case, the question i thought worth answering was “what is your favorite summertime sound?” but why directly answer the question? i have been thinking about sounds as of late, however, so this is the perfect time to vent in the i-should-put-this-in-a-personal-journal-but-will-publicly-post-to-the-internet kind of way.

sounds that elicit strong reactions from me:

  • loud chewing. don’t do it. for the love of all things sacred, just stop.
  • clapping during movies. los angeles has made me a bit of a movie snob, and i am all the better for it. spoiler alert-you know harry is victorious at the end. he’s the freaking boy who lived, get it?? you’ve known that ron and hermione have to kiss for at least five books (if you didn’t know, quit following HP now). let the movie–the action, the score, the driving plot–speak for itself. give a quiet hooray or a tiger woods fist pump (appropriate?) if you’d like, but golly…quit interrupting the movie during what you think is an appropriate time. you have only succeeded to arrest the scene from coming to a proper conclusion.
  • waves crashing on the beach. this is the true answer to the original question. it may be the florida girl in me, but driving to the beach to spend just a few hours listening to the waves crashing against the shore is an absolute staple of summer.
…and that is as close to an HP post as i will get.

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