pandora on a rainy day

enough of the ‘i don’t blog enough’ guilt trip. i’ll probably say this again in two weeks.

new goal. at least 100 words. it doesn’t take that long, really. but somehow writing has become this burdensome task for me, and i’m kinda over it. i blame grad school and the constant deadlines. then again, this can be traced back to writing psych papers for two years, and then biology/chemistry papers the year before then.

in short, writing has not been a fun enterprise for me. but when i’m inspired to write, i’m nowhere near the computer. time to come up with a new plan.

with ‘plan’ i made it to 103 words. and so i can stop here.

well, at least i can share the sudden spark of creativity: reggae.

yes, the style of music. i can’t generalize this to some grand narrative on how ‘reggae’ is a way of life; i’m talking about the ‘santa catch up in a mango tree’ (one of my mom’s favorite christmas tunes) and the ‘one love’ tunes that get me through rainy days like today.

i’ve never aspired to take music seriously. i don’t have vinyls, i love billboard top 40 hits, and concerts are exciting here and there. no apologies, just my reality. but speaking of reality, it struck me today how much reggae resonates with my general disposition.

yes, reggae is getting me through today’s dreary weather, but when the sun is shining, i’m at home listening to bob marley. stressed? put on some reggae. feeling like a diva? (always grab whitney and mariah…and then) some reggae.

i am fully convinced this transcendence of reggae in my life is a direct correlation to jamaica. i was born there, my parents were raised there. their parents were raised there. you can’t shake this stuff. i may not know up and coming new reggae artists; hell, i may not know the old ones. but i distinctly remember my parents humming sweet melodies around the house.

how do you define irie? the ‘rastafarian vocabulary’ entry in wikipedia says the following:

Irie refers to positive emotions or feelings, or anything that is good. Specifically it refers to high emotions and peaceful vibrations. This is a phonetical representation of “all right”.

why i adopted a significant level of neurosis and anxiety i will never understand. but this is how my family lives. it’s in my blood. and it’s heard in the music coming out of speakers this afternoon.

ok, maybe there is a grander narrative. in any case, everything is irie.

happy hump day.


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