drinking the hater-ade

i rarely have anything important to say. but i still talk A LOT. today was no exception.

earlier today i mentioned not being a very big ‘music’ kind of gal. let’s take on one element of such trendiness: concerts. i am a terrible concert-goer. yes, the band was cool, loved how they added different elements to a classic song, they sound great live, it was a great experience…

what else are you supposed to say?

seriously, not my thing. every now and again i do love a good concert (most recent memory, and most recent attendance at iron and wine absolutely fits the bill here); but typically, i’m still people-watching, checking out the venue’s architecture, and giving live commentary. not mad about it.

this week is the annual integration symposium hosted by the school of psychology, and we were blessed to welcome the theologian, dr. stanley hauerwas, to share his reflections on mental illness.

(preface: i’m an intercultural studies girl. i probably still can’t define ‘open theism’ and i’ll occasionally throw out words like ‘postmodern’ and ‘redemptive’ to sound smart)

below is a short thread between me and my friend, ann. it outlines my thoughts on tonight’s lecture. after reading over it, i thought it worth documenting:

nh: anyway, stan was good. i felt like i was at an academic concert

ay: HAHAHAH. how so

nh: where a lot of people were on pins and needles to hear him. and i felt like “eh, ok”

ay: hmm. so nothing life transformational in your book?


ayhaha. hmm

nh: that a theologian talks about his experience with mental illness tells me that everyone goes through shit

ay: hmm. yes.

nhpsychological shit included. is that “integration”?

ay: yessss. yeah, i wasnt the biggest fan of him being the integ speaker this yr – hence i made no effort to go compared to past yrs

nh: i guess i was hoping for more psychology. but psych people perhaps want less psych for an integration symposium

ay: no, its our capstone event

nhand theology kids want to have stan’s babies

ay: we want a lot of psych and a lot of theo. HAHAHAHAHA

and the SIS kids?

nhlove to hear the narrative and how his life hits multiple realms. i got that. but i was an undergrad psych student at the psych integration symposium (i may blog this conversation, ha)

ay: as you should

in short, tonight i attended a theological concert. fifty minutes in, i was people-watching and checking out the venue’s architecture.

so…what are you supposed to say at these kinds of concerts?


2 thoughts on “drinking the hater-ade

  1. i cant believe i havent kept up with your blog until now (what happened to my blogger kick in the fall?). hahahaha, love that you posted our convo. love it. glad to contribute to your processing of “stan the man,” as jiff likes to call him.


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