double dipping

(kinda goes without saying, right?)

this afternoon i wrote up a quick reflection on mlk (the leader, not ‘milk’) and my time at clue. i decided to double dip and add it here. if the clue board of trustees and clue followers have access, i don’t see why it can’t be posted here. happy mlk day on monday!

college athletics is a serious enterprise. more serious than the sports, however, are the fans that back the sports. i say that in jest, but it is still interesting to see stories of loyalty, perseverance and triumph that emerge from not only the players, but also the alumni, families and individuals who lay claim to ‘their team.’

as one of those very fans that (for better or worse) consider my team’s achievement as a personal achievement, i found myself on a sports webpage following the recent college football national championship game, and they reported results of a survey on the racial progression of professional sports. the site noted that it has been twenty-five years since dr. king’s life was first celebrated by means of a public holiday; so it is thus fitting to reflect on the achievements that have been made in various mediums, be they athletics, academia or social justice.

as a point of disclaimer, i turn twenty-five later this year. i find it incredibly humbling to take part of a movement that extends beyond my own years of life. dr. king continues to serve as cornerstone of service, vision and prophetic inspiration to people in various walks of life. his life, as well as the lives of leaders both here and away, is a testament to the truth and power of his message.

in the last year, i have entered that world more closely through involvement with clue-la. from standing alongside hotel workers in west hollywood, to sitting amidst religious leaders on a bus to arizona, to most recently hearing the concerns of unrepresented and overworked grocery workers in eagle rock—the notion of collective achievement takes on an entirely new meaning. in this work of changing hearts and minds, we bring our unique perspectives to the table, and we celebrate triumphs and weep at injustice together. of the many inspiring words of dr. king that we carry years later, i am frequently challenged by the image of an arc: “let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

the richness of the clue-la community is diverse and vibrant. i am thankful and encouraged by their legacy, a legacy profoundly influenced by the work of dr. king. as we consider the areas of injustice affecting our respective communities, may we continue to live out the movement we celebrate on monday.

both a teammate and fan, ~nh~


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