1 +1 = 3.

that is the only thing i remember from the best-selling seven habits of highly successful people. i was first introduced to covey family values as a teenager, cleverly entitled seven habits of highly effective teenagers. nonetheless, i was reminded today of the value in setting (‘good’) habits.

that, and my recent posts have been shout outs to the personal heroes and heroines of yesteryear.

for my ‘ethics of crosscultural development’ class, we are required to post a response each week in a connecting assignment. our responses must be 100-200 words in length, and we begin a threaded discussion on the topic at hand. this week’s topic: levirate marriage (thank you, wikipedia). writing a maximum of 200 words is both easy and difficult depending on your perspective. easy to ramble, yes; but difficult to include something worthy of continuing dialogue–sheesh! it is a fun challenge, and an interesting class, albeit an online class.

as i sat down to write my response, i realized that if i am in the daily habit of writing, this “200 word response” thing might not be so bad after all. in short, this is an extended version of “i should be blogging more frequently,” but like all other crafts, this takes practice. regular practice. (i was at 196 words with that last sentence)

i retire for the evening with the covey seven habits. here’s to ending the week, hooray!

1.) be proactive.

2.) begin with the end in mind.

3.) put first things first.

4.) think win-win.

5.) seek first to understand, then to be understood. (ooh, that’s a good one)

6.) synergize.

7.) sharpen the saw.

ps, did i make michael w. smith a hero?! eh, i’m sure it has something to do with synergy.


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