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the river is deep, the river is wide, the river’s water is alive. so sink or swim: I’M DIVING IN! (oh oh, oh oh, oh oohhhh)

ah, yes. the proverbial river imagery. problem is: i think the “river” stands for too many things. seriously, think about it. what is the ‘river’?

speaking of overused images-how many music videos have featured the  single piano in the middle of the desert? i’m sure elton john has used it, and he outdates “smitty;” but the man who put ccm on my impreshionable youth ministry-driven heart gets my personal nod for the effectiveness-of-desert-baby-grand-usage award.

(*for the record, there is nothing remotely valuable in this post.*)

well, i’ll give it a try…

i’ll say this – the search for identity is perhaps my deepest struggle. i’m sure that is the case for everyone else as well, but let’s be honest: this is my blog. out with the pointless pontification, and in with the personal pretentiousness (alliteration intended). those dark places of insecurity hide pretty closely behind the door with the nameplate, “who am i?” come to think of it, those dark places should have found a better hiding place by now. i digress.

i’m sure there are 18,000 more songs that hit on this same journey to discover ourselves, and perhaps a fifth of those involve the piano in the desert theme, too. nonetheless, the lyrics have made their way into recent conversation (don’t ask), so i thought i’d honor ccm, and perhaps shed some light in those aforementioned dark corners.

besides, how often is michael w. smith referenced these days? as the wonderful employees at chick-fil-a say, it’s my pleasure.


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