future posts?

future post for further explanation. i’ve got some catching up to do.

just finished watching a documentary called made in la. in a few days i get the chance to collaborate with the ever-witty and talented matthew johnson and write up a review. between now and then, we’re brainstorming “tags” (or “labels” depending on your blog of choice) as springboard for creativity.

the last scene of the film shows lupe, one of the three main characters, overlooking hong kong after a three-year fight for decent wages in the garment industry. she says, “the more i learn, the lonelier i feel. ignorance somehow protects you. but then i say, i’ve come this far, and nothing can take that away from me.”

since the movie is fresh on my mind, i’ll jot down a few tags and reflect a bit more between now and saturday.

blissful ignorance…the daily grind…dignity and respect….bubbles and fireworks…bread and roses…the fabric of our society (winner of the cheese award of the evening)…inception (this really could go somewhere)…labor…

fingers crossed that i write at least more than once this month!


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