shout out to the sbc

reading a short biography on William Owen Carver today, and came across the quote (below) from william temple. apparently, “the oldest continuing department of missions in america was established at sbts in louisville, kentucky, by w.o. carver in 1899″ (85).

1.) i love pronouncing ‘louisville’ in proper fashion.
2.) i love sitting on the west coast at fuller reading good things about the sbc…muh people.
3.) i do wonder, however, where and how we in the sbc have strayed from the following thought:

the true aim of the soul is not its own salvation; to make that the chief aim is to insure its perdition (cf. matt. 16:25); for it is to fix the soul on itself as central. the true aim of the soul is to glorify God; in pursuing that aim it will attain to salvation unawares. no one who is convinced of his own salvation is yet even safe, let alone “saved.” salvation is the state of him who has ceased to be interested whether he is saved or not, provided that what takes the place of that supreme self-interest is not a lower form of self-interest but the glory of God” (90).

anderson, gerald h. 1994. mission legacies : biographical studies of leaders of the modern missionary movement, american society of missiology series no. 19. maryknoll, n.y.: orbis books.


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