i can get used to this

a two-class schedule, that is. i’m actually reading ALL my assignments and giving substantial input and asking questions in class! granted, the class is on community organizing–aka my projected future. heres and theres.

here’s an excerpt from community: the structure of belonging by peter block (2008). the chapter is on “shifting the context for community” and the section is called “getting our story about story straight”:

there are other kinds of stories that in their telling become a limitation. limiting stories are personal versions of the past. they are stories about the conclusions we drew from events that happened to us. other limiting stories are those that are rehearsed or make the point that the future will be a slightly modified continuation of the past out of which the story arose. stories of this nature place us as victims of events or even fate.

…the decision to tell those stories over and over again as if they were defining truths creates the limitation against an alternative future…in this way, restoration can be considered the willingness to complete and eliminate the power out of the current story we have of our community and our place in it. this creates an opening to produce a new collective story. a new story based on restorative community. one of possibility, generosity, accountability (35-36).


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