tom and jerry

i miss the days of tom and jerry. the more i think about it, the more i realize i’ve hardly matured.

this week has been spent watching 2 to 9 kids in utah. yes, 2 to 9. long story short, two families are enjoying spring break skiing in park city, and at the last minute grandma-who was coming to watch the kids-could not make it, and i took the short flight from LA to help out. for the majority of the week i’ve had the two smallest kids (sixteen months and three and a half years), but occasionally i’ll also have two five-year olds…or at most all nine (oldest twelve years). it’s been a delightful week, and i’ve been reminded of a couple of things:

1.) whitney houston (and her lyricist) are brilliant people. the particular lyrics that come to mind: i believe the children are our future. teach them well and let them lead the way. show them all the beauty they possess inside…
i guess the debate for “the greatest love of all” is still open for discussion, but there is something to be said for the life lessons that the kiddies teach us. i’ve mentioned Green Frog in the previous post, but it is truly refreshing to hear a tantrum over a missing blanket. don’t worry, there are no spiritual analogies here; it’s just nice to be away from seminary jargon for a few days. there’s more to life than Green Frog, yes. but there is certainly more to life than liberation, theology, “salvific” or “transformative” (or any combination of them).

2.) i’m a fan of consumerism.
i’ve lived in southern california for about a year and a half. i don’t know if the good ol’ south is defined by apathy, but i have never been more inundated with the reminder to recycle, consider the animals, and embrace the ‘simple life.’ it’s rubbed off on me a bit…but only a bit. i’ve got my trader joe’s paper bag filled with empty wine bottles and other recyclables.
yeah, that’s about as good as it gets.
here’s the connection to this week. i watched a dvd of old tom and jerry episodes during my stay in park city. correction–i watched the same t&j dvd MULTIPLE times this week; and every time the kids loved it. every time. “oh this is my favorite part” became the mantra of post-nap time; likewise, even the twelve-year olds loved the classic cat and mouse game (pun intended). i grew up watching this other dynamic duo as an integral part of my cartoon repertoire…and now i get to see its transcendence to a younger generation. has the tv become a replacement for babysitters and classic family time? after this week i think it does the opposite and instead brings people together.

i can get used to a two-week spring break. especially if you throw in some tom and jerry.


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