the career woman?

i never thought i’d actually see this day, but here it is: kids overwhelm me.

before i completely forsake my uterus and ‘innate’ skills as a woman (whatever that means) and submit to a life of business suits and office team-building exercises, i must first cut myself a little slack. i have been in seminary for the last year and a half. i am coming up on my one-year anniversary of NOT being actively involved in youth ministry. that is quite some time away from the kiddies. and that is quite some time immersed in grown-up conversation.

this week i am enjoying reconnecting to old family friends…and their nine kids. ranging from sixteen months to twelve years, i have a special relationship with all of them. and yet it feels so foreign. my aloofness is regarded as humorous, but to me i just have nothing to contribute.

today’s largest meltdown came over the absence of Green Frog during nap time. i thought the largest meltdown facing our society was the failure of some churches to adopt liberation theology as a praxis for transformation.

again, i have no idea what that means.

perhaps there is more to life than having Green Frog (who, by the way, happens to be a blanket) at all times. but maybe i’m missing something in the beauty of eating snow for the first time. or making purses from duct tape. or watching Tom and Jerry and Bob the Builder. or asking the man pulling the sleigh if he’s ever met Santa Claus.

i’m not ready for my own. but golly i love them all. all snot-filled, dirty-diapered, innocent, adventure-seeking, high energy nine of them. thanks for loving me unconditionally.


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