jeans and sweats

i have a few staples in my wardrobe. as a good florida girl, leather flip-flops are a must. rain or shine, the tan (and sometimes black) sandals are the perfect compliment to any outfit…well, at least to me they are. for the record, i find sandals more fitting in rainy weather than close-toed shoes: instead of walking around in wet shoes all day, you can dry off your feet and still look nice without feeling miserable. at a pinch, throw socks in the purse, but only in really cold weather—aka anything below 75 degrees.

two other go-to items include jeans and sweatpants. i’m not talking velour-jumpsuits-so-you-look-casual-and-still-put-together type of sweats, just your classic yoga pants (*note for a future post: mullets and velour jumpsuits: jealous siblings in the family of UNACCEPTABLE THINGS). for comfy evenings, fleece pants are not only acceptable but also welcome. and who doesn’t have their favorite pair of jeans? in my case, i have my favorite all-around jeans, as well as my favorite this-makes-my-butt-and-legs-look-a-lot-better dark jeans. the 90s have come and gone, and so has my stonewashed faded pair of denim, but if the occasion ever called for it, i may.

jeans and sweats are an integral part of my clothing collection, for better or for worse. it’s all about comfort and casual. perhaps I am getting to the age where that last statement is a little juvenile, but I’m banking on the fact that my social awareness will encourage me to shift this mindset before it’s too late. i gave up coolats, scrunchies, skorts, and tube socks a while back—the future looks promising.

today I am once again jet-setting for a few days, and the airport is a breeding ground for social analysis. i’m not so naïve to think that airport behavior is a mirror for daily living, but it certainly magnifies behavioral nuances: the efficiency of the weekly business traveler, the family bickering while returning home post-disneyland vacation and the mid-twenty-something free-spirited gumption setting to backpack europe/australia because “there’s no time like the present” (i am secretly jealous of this last group).

on my way to mcdonalds (because terminal 5 has limited options), i was surprised to finally notice and articulate another airport behavioral nuance: the difference between those who wear sweats and those in jeans. it’s not the difference between “simple folk” and those who regularly shop on rodeo drive. in fact, i’ve seen more dolled-up ladies sporting the yoga pants than those in jeans. instead i think the difference is akin to street smarts versus ivory tower knowledge. there are benefits to both…

(i’d continue that argument, but as a graduate student jealous of life outside said inlaid towers, i can’t come up with anything at the moment)

here’s the point: one must think strategically about wardrobe when flying, and i am a firm believer that comfort and casualness trumps the business attire and jeans. that is, unless you have a meeting immediately upon arrival…or a really hot guy is about to pick you up. seriously, he’s got to be worth it. as my NorCal friends love to say, hella good. then again, you can throw the jeans and makeup in your bag and change before reaching the escalator. so we’re back to “comfort and casual”—my truism when flying.

here’s to you, fellow makeup wearing, casual, sweatpants-donned ladies of the domestic and international airways. you keep it classy, you keep it casual, and you look great, too. you don’t even need to snub our jeans-wearing counterparts…instead, rest knowing your flying experience is exponentially better. God bless each of your ministries, and safe travels.

ps—sandals have proven themselves winners in flight as well. I have yet to get a staph infection from the four barefoot steps through security. who wants to re-lace shoes?
pps—my apologies for pigeonholing all of northern california. it is a beautiful place, full of beautiful people I’m sure, and I’ve only heard kids from fresno particularly drawn to “hella.”

(*caveat: Usher is currently hanging out one gate away from me. he is “casually” dressed in jeans and a gray shirt…and some sweet aviators. he is exempt from any wardrobe rules.)


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