earthquakes and procrastination

i should be working on a paper right now. instead, just a few thoughts on my evening.

ever “woken up” in the middle of the night only to realize you weren’t really asleep? i know, it sounds contradictory, but if you’ve experienced a night as such you’d understand. you know, those nights where everything is running through your head and REM sleep just never sets in. well, that was my evening.

until 4:04a.

after spending an extra hour talking to the roommate (about boys, life and birthdays–you know, everyday kind of stuff), i hopped in the shower with the intention of sleeping in long enough to roll out of bed, throw on a sweatshirt, and head to my final exam. sadly i did not sleep well, and i remained in a semi-conscious state for a few hours. then i was awakened to the rattling and shaking of my dresser and closet doors. i knew immediately it was an earthquake, and yet i did nothing about it.
i hear door frames are now not highly encouraged as a safe place. apparently couches are good, though. either way, “assume the fetal position and cover the back of your neck” was the method for which i prepared.
or at least i thought i prepared for it.
when it comes to fight or flight, i freeze. at least i did this morning. i laid in my catatonic state and thought of too many related (and in some respects unrelated) questions: what if this is the beginning of a really long and massive earthquake, where can i quickly change into something appropriate, am i the only one experiencing this, how soon is my final approaching, why can’t i recall the information i crammed the night before, why hurricanes are the superior natural phenomena, and how little sleep i will incur before my 8a exam.
fortunately, my roommate came in a few seconds later to make sure i was alright, and i counted down the remaining minutes and hours until my exam. exam came and went, and here i am exhausted at a day absent of a couple REM cycles.

welcome to LA. a year and a half later.


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