world peace bell

the following is a short excerpt from a review i’m writing for class. the world peace bell sits outside the central branch library in downtown, los angeles (a picture of it- albeit from a distance) is in an earlier post of my sunday afternoon in the library.

…the world peace bell, with the description as follows: “an internationally recognized symbol of world peace. the bell is cast from coins and medals donated by 103 countries and represents a common bond among the nations of the world.” dedicated to the city of los angeles in 2001, it rests ironically in the midst of a chaotic downtown scene.
reflecting on my time in the library and the image of the bell I asked myself, “what is the unifying symbol of christianity?” there can be a variety of answers for this question, including the holy spirit, Jesus and the church. ecclesiology, or the role of the church, is the focus of the present review. in crafting a global theology of ecclesiology, how do non-western traditions and western traditions contribute their respective “coins and medals” into the larger symbol of unity among Christians around the globe?…


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