playing fair

an introduction to a review i’m working on:

play fair. let everyone have a chance to speak. these phrases were among the myriad of one-liners that gathered during my childhood. one of the best places to learn these key life lessons disney animated movies. the aristocats was one of my favorites in the collection of timeless tales. in the film, an affluent family of cats learns from a stray alley cat how to traverse the strange world of the parisian streets. In one particular scene of the aristocats, the mother, duchess, admonishes her sons in the following conversation:

berlioz: we were just practicing biting and clawing.
duchess: aristocats to not practice biting and clawing, and things like that. it’s just horrible.
toulouse: but someday we might meet a tough alley cat.

i wonder how much this conversation between upper class cats diverges from the discourse on global theology, the church in the west playing the role of the aristocats—hearing bits and pieces of theology from non-western churches. the reason for the distance? fear of one day meeting the ‘tough alley cats’ of other theologies.

it is time to play fair and give everyone a chance to speak. it is time to not only hear non-western theologies but to also allow different perspectives on theological constructs to shape our churches today…


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