wisdom journal

i wrote the following for another blog that i share with a few girlfriends:

a few months ago, ruth vuong, the former dean of students, gave several other asc officers and me mini moleskin journals. the moleskin was to become our wisdom journal. i decided to use my journal to jot down great one (or two) liners that caught my attention.

the tan notebook sits in my purse, in theory so as to always be available for that kick-ass quote that i overhear when riding the metro, or strolling through the city. sadly, my purse also contains:
1.) “that book” that i’d love to read but never get around to,
2.) pretzels, fruit snacks, and/or any other edible pick-me-up,
3.) medication (you never know when the rescue inhaler will actually come to the rescue)
4.) an assortment of writing utensils, and
5.) miscellaneous other odds and ends.

needless to say, the wisdom journal takes a backseat to other priorities…like taking really colorful notes, or a sudden drop in blood sugar.

today though, the trusty moleskin came to the forefront. that, or the iGoogle daily quote page actually caught my attention. robert heinlein says “of course the game is rigged. don’t let that stop you–if you don’t play, you can’t win.”


of course the game is rigged. insert your specific complication to life here. it does suck. BUT, don’t let that keep you from taking the next step forward. lately, I haven’t wanted to continue playing. and this game is not limited to boys and dating relationships. life has been, in short, overwhelming.

but I can’t let that stop me. and I hope the dirty cheaters who rig the game for you (stupid boys, financial struggles, time-consuming commitments, and insecure co-therapists alike) don’t stop you from playing either.


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