sooner or later

the movie when harry met sally taught me that guys and girls could not be friends…because the sex part always gets in the way. i think it’s the honesty part that gets in the way.

recently i’ve been engaged in more and more conversations surrounding relationships. i blame it on a few things:

1.) we are two days removed from valentines day. it’s still tough for some.

2.) most of my friends are single, and we need to find some justification for this apparent ‘flaw.’

3.) probably something else profound…either way, we talk about dating at seminary, relationships in general, blah blah. i’m in my mid-twenties, it’s kinda justified.

in any case, yesterday’s conversation concerning the failures of relationships came down to the fact that we simply do not communicate with one another well. a (male) friend of mine asked what guys could do differently. the answer that he received from several girls was “just be open.” we ladies tried to turn it around: “would you guys feel weird if a girl asked you out?” again, the consensus was no. in fact, the guys would rather know where a girl stood and would welcome such openness.

so…i tried it out for myself. and by ‘it’ i mean letting a guy know where i stood. result: respect.

respect for a lot of things. i respect me a little more now. respect for my feelings and my capacity to engage the opposite sex. respect for the guy, for his honesty. respect for the relationship, that it welcomes openness.


i’m 23 years old, and it’s taken me this long to realize that honesty truly is the best policy. i recognize that i blur the lines between honesty and openness, respect and honesty…but these traits aren’t too far away from each other. and it’s kinda neat to see myself putting mom’s advice into practice. it’s about time i do so. i wonder what’s next for me in this new world of openness and honesty…

maybe guys and girls can be friends after all? eh, i won’t get too far ahead of myself. 😉


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