gosh i love the metro. today i ventured into new fields and took the blue line all the way down to long beach. what a beautiful little shopping area. what a beautiful day.

recently i’ve been in the habit of putting in the headphones and observing everything around me. through the gold line and the red line, this was the case (corinne bailey rae = delightfully fresh), but i took out the headphones and left them out when i met george. george just celebrated his 50th birthday and was looking forward to spending valentines day with his girlfriend (i got to see pictures of her as well). he made sure i still had a little crazy in me…just not the i’ll-pull-a-knife kind of crazy. and he reminded me that life was good. that life was about taking the opportunities that are in front of me and surrounding myself with good people. he told me about respect. come to think of it, george told me a lot.

sometimes i wonder why i’m in graduate school. there are a lot of really smart people in this world, and they didn’t need to drop inordinate amounts of money and learn fancy words to get to that point. i’m thankful for people like george. and metro rides that take me out of pasadena and closer to the city (or even beyond the city to long beach). perhaps my next trip will be on the green line to manhattan beach. perhaps i will once again head downtown to the library/park/market.

perhaps during my next trip i’ll keep the headphones off and look out for another george.

(ps, erin is going to the University of Florida!!! time to change allegiance? eh, we’ll see. but for now it IS  great to be a Florida Gator. so proud of her!!!)


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